As a certified Health and Wellness Consultant, Master Life Coach, and NLP Practionioner, my mission is to keep my clients on a sustainable, stable, and healthy trajectory of bettering themselves in every way.  Integrating nutrition, spiritual and mental health , relationships, appearance, and personal growth and development techniques to help clients create a well rounded lifestyle of improvement. Whether you want to lose a few extra pounds quickly for confidence and health or need to completely reconfigure your life, I can help.

Using certain techniques, and bio-individuality,  I create personalized programs for my clients according to their unique and individual needs. I understand no two people are the same, and tailor all plans accordingly. It is never too late to change your life drastically, or to make a few simple adjustments. Set up a free consultation today, and lets get started!


  • Diet and Nutrition- I create unique and tailored nutrition plans based on each client's lifestyle, needs, concerns, bio chemistry, body type, activity level, blood type, and more, while giving my clients simple and easy to understand knowledge of what they're eating, and why certain foods are better for them than others. I incorporate supplements into the diet, if needed, and create my supplement regimens based on the client's needs, concerns, and or deficiencies, while taking into account biochemistry. I specialize in nutrition for blood type, anti-inflammatory, hormone balancing and nutrition for anti-aging.
    • I also offer grocery store tours, if needed, as a part of my nutrition plans. I take my clients on a one on one or virtual tour of their grocery store of choice, to show the difference between foods, explain their labels, and show the healthiest choices at the best prices. 


  • Life Consulting-  To be your best self, I understand my clients must have a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual life, as they are all connected. I believe humans have the amazing ability to heal themselves by themselves when given the proper tools and techniques. I create specialized techniques and tools and formulas based on psychological principles to help clients explore, challenge themselves, and push past emotional and mental barriers.

Your Story- Your story is your internal dialogue, it is the story we tell ourselves-- it is what we think, consciously or unconsciously that causes the actions we take or do not take in life-- this is the number one way to tell if a person is on track with their goals or not. I probe and assess your thought process, and create a plan of action to help get rid of the negative story, and create a new positive one, in line with your goals, values, and future plans.

Values- I teach clients how to live a more authentic life, aligned with their core strengths, morals and values. 

Goal Setting- I help my clients set intentions and goals for small and drastic improvement of their lives, and give practical ways to measure their progress. 

 Purpose- I help my clients realize their innate strengths, passions, and purpose, and the steps to take in order to create their ideal life---helping you reach your potential, while helping those around you.

 Relationships-  Using specialized tools, I listen and create plans to help improve the communication and status of  your personal, professional, and intimate relationships, as well as with family members, and social interactions. My goal is to help you create strong bonds and relationships that last for life.

 NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). As a certified NLP practitioner, I help clients achieve their goals through the science of NLP, a proven technique designed to help change and create new and positive neuropathways in the brain. Helping to correct negative thinking habits to keep clients on the right path according to their goals.

Habits- Using techniques, including NLP, I create specialized tools for eliminating unwanted or unhealthy habits, vices, and behavioral patterns that may be hindering a client's growth and improvement. I implement positive changes, habits and behaviors that align with the client's goals, interests, personality, and lifestyle. 

Appearance- Depending on the client's needs, I offer specialized skincare, makeup and wardrobe consulting to help create the best you from the inside-out. I understand the importance of outward  confidence, and can help clients look and feel their best for all occasions, while staying true to themselves. 

I am located in New England, and offer face to face consultations, as well as consults through phone, Skype, and Facetime.